Lockdown:     Retreat to playing bridge on BBO!

Benoni Bridge Club   will serve tourneys on www.bridgebase.com for your benefit.
For a small price to pay you can enjoy many hours of fun playing your
favourite game with and against friends.... as if you are at the club!

Monday/Wednesday/Friday @ 14h00

These events will be around 18-boards and always MP pairs.
Masterpoints shall be awarded, just as if this event was played at Rynpark 7.
*** Handicap Winner at each meeting gets a money-back prize! ***

How to join our friendly community

You can also join us on Saturdays and Sundays (at the same time)
for a FREE Individuals event of between 10 and 12 boards.
No masterpoints will be earned, but these can be great fun!
These Indy events will be available to all South Africans.

Some useful info

How to use BBO
Playing with 3 friends
at a table on BBO
Explain "Handicap"

Contacting Sid Ismail (Newmoon)

  • By telephone or WhatsApp to (082) 4119900
  • By email: elsid480 [at} gmail.com
  • On BBO, send a chat to "newmoon"

  • Comments and suggestions are always welcome!

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