How to join Benoni Online Club

To join Mon/Wed/Fri Pairs events is easy.

  1. From 1st August, we need to pay BBO for the use of their excellent platform;

  2. You buy "R35 vouchers" which we hold as credit for you;

  3. When joining, please submit full name, town, email addy and a contact number;

  4. The playing fee is R35 (1 voucher) per person per 24-board pairs tournament;

  5. Winners of the HANDICAP prize get money-back! 2 Winners each meeting: N/S and E/W;

  6. We will keep full records of credits, usage of vouchers, and fund replenishments.   Details are available upon request.   When your balance reduces to R35 credit, you will be reminded via messages on BBO;

  7. Advantage to you: no transaction will take place in $s whatsoever;

  8. We forward your equivalent $s to BBO in bulk at the end of each month;

  9. Your TD has been hosting events on BBO for over 15 years!

Banking Details

FNB Savings Account
Lakeside Mall Branch
M S Ismail

We are not affiliated to SABF, but we associate with Benoni Bridge Club.

Anyone can join - we have members from UK, Australia and even USA!

Inquiries: elsid480 [at], or WhatsApp Sid Ismail (082) 4119900

To Play in Newmoon Tournaments on BBO:

Competitive Rooms ---> Free Tourneys ---> Newmoon

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