How to join Benoni Bridge Club Online

Fee structure will be as follows:   Each person purchases a "season booklet" costing R200.

Each time you play on Mon/Wed/Fri (18-board events) I will take off R20 from your account (R40 per pair).
At the end of the lockdown period whatever credit you have will pay
for your future attendances at Benoni Bridge Club, or you can request a refund by EFT.

Please Note that the Individual events on Sat/Sun are FREE.

Part of your fee will go towards Benoni Bridge Club expenses in assets replenishment.

Please send me an email to - elsid480 [at] - format:
"0620, Newmoon, Sid Ismail, 082-4119900" i.e. SABF, BBO name, Name, Contact No.

My a/c details are ---> FNB, Savings, Lakeside Mall Branch, 251742, 62396363724, M S Ismail.
Your reference will be sabf number + Surname OR BBOname + Surname.

To Join:     Competitive Rooms ---> Free Tourneys ---> Newmoon

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