Zoom Lessons by Newmoon at 12h00 sharp

(Please be in the Zoom room by 12h05)

Lessons goal: "Improve your scores"   or   "avoid common mistakes"

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Time: 12h15 - lasts 40 min - free

Your invite to Zoom session 7th December, Tuesday, 12h15


Meeting ID: 733 5035 8002
Passcode: H3ExYx

ZOOM Lessons:

May 041Raising partner (non competitive)
May 112Raising partner (competitive auctions)
May 183Takeout Doubles (1)
May 254Takeout Doubles (2)
June 15Negative Doubles
June 86Support Doubles
June 157Overcalling 1NT / Opening weak 2 in 4th seat
June 228Weak 2's     Goldway hands     North hands | South hands     Makeables
June 299The 2C opening
July 0610Revision stuff     |     Bidding after partner opens 1NT     |     South hands     |     Makeables
July1311Bidding over their NT
July2012Jac2NT:     Goldway exercises for partnership     |     makeables
July2713Jac2NT (2)
Aug 314Defense tips
Aug 1015Declarer Play (1)
Aug 1716Declarer Play (2)
Aug 2417F S F
Aug 3118Go slow with 2-suiter hands
Sep 1419Partner has overcalled
Sep 2120Law of Total Tricks Part 1 (Acol, weakNT)     |     Solutions
Sep 2821Law of Total Tricks Part 2 (Acol, weakNT)     |     Solutions
Oct 1222They overcall our NT / over weak 2
Oct 1923Checkback Stayman
Nov 924Various tips
Nov 16252C opening and responses
Nov 2326Having FUN with 2-suiter hands
Nov 3027Never underlead an ace in a suit contract