A fascinating hand!

Benoni Bridge Club   plays a dupicate MP game each Wednesday afternoon and this fascinating hand cropped up recently in club play. It is not from a bridge puzzle book, I swear!

In my entire bridge-playing career (spanning over 30 years) I have never seen a hand like this! My partner Rakesh Maharaj held the East hand and we ended up in 3NTxx (!!) and Rakesh gleefully accepted the lead of the Q to secure an overtrick for a score of +1000.

What is unusual about the hand is that if you look at only East and West cards, there are 9 tricks on top with a possible 10th if a heart is led. Yet the makeable table states explicitly that 2NT is the limit from East. 8 Tricks is the limit in NT from the East hand, they say?!

How can that be?


South, on lead, can try the effect of cashing the top 3 spades!

East can discard a small heart on the second spade, but the third spade squeezes declarer out of a winner!!   Then South exits with a club and waits patiently for two hearts at the end!

Absolutely amazing, yes?!

Posted Aug 2018