Which grand?

Sep 2019

Imagine that I have found a sponsor for a R1000 prize if you make a grand slam but you must pay a penalty of R200 if you go down.   Great odds, eh?   Furthermore, your sponsor assures you that both diamonds and spades will break 2-2.

These are the hands.

Imagine you are South and West leads the Q. East plays the ace.

QUIZ:   Select your contract:   7D   or   7S?

Choose before scrolling down.


7 is the preferred grand because it is higher-scoring, but here you have only 12 top tricks and you must take the heart finesse. Half of the time you will be wrong.

7 is ironclad without any heart guess.
We can count 5s + 5s + 2s + a club ruff at trick 1. That equates to our requirement of 13 tricks. Dummy's third heart will go on the 5th spade is another way to look at it.

Posted Sep 2019