Executing a squeeze

We were playing in a Newmoon-organised pairs session on BBO the other Wednesday. Within the 5 boards played against Anita Lapage and Ros Lewenson (C.T.), Ros Whitburn and myself (Benoni) were surprised to find two exquisite squeezes come up during the boards played in that last round!

The first materialised out of thin air and "just happened". Our opponents got to 4 on this hand -

Ros decided to lead the K. Anita played as if she was looking at all 4 hands!

Declarer won the ace, ran the 7 (!) then the 8 followed covered with the K and dummy won the ace. A was cashed, then Anita conceded a club to East's queen.

Ros exited with the J won by the king. A heart ruff followed, C-ruff, Q ruffed and at this stage Anita has "isolated the heart menace" - only East can guard the heart.

Can you see what is going to happen?

The trump queen was cashed in this ending. Ros, East, was truly squeezed and the two overtricks earned Anita a resounding top.

Well executed, Anita!

The second squeeze that occurred will be featured in the next tip in this series.

TIP:   If one defender is guarding two suits, play off excess trumps to execute the squeeze.