Forgetting the system

Occasion: Saturday Links (C-Section), 26th May 2018

The bidding:

West    North    East    South
Pass     1D      3C*      3S
 4H      4S      All Pass
 * Alerted as GHESTEM = majors

When 4S was bid West had a feeling that East made an error. Nothing was said during the play.

The play: 10 was led to the ace and declarer finessed the J which lost. West hastily cashes the A and sees the king drop on it, gives East a heart ruff. Declarer won the club return, drew trumps and advanced the J from hand but West covered. She lost a diamond at the end for -1.

At this juncture, East owns up to making a mistake. She forgot Ghestem and meant her 3 bid as a weak jump overcall. DIRECTOR they call.

They complained about the bidding mistake, I complemented N-S for still getting to the 4 contract, then I asked how the misinformation/misbid affected their play. We went throuh the play sequence and then she conceded that A-K in diamonds was required to drop the queen. Everyone was happy with the -1 score.
Mistaken bid did not cause the damage, all agreed.


A player is allowed to make mistakes, being human. East was distraught at making the wrong bid and forgetting the system. I had to pacify her.

This misbid is not an infraction. Misexplanations and non-alerts (classified as misinformation also) are infractions.

Law 75C. Mistaken Call
When the partnership agreement has been explained correctly, the mistake being the call made and not the explanation, there is no infraction. The explanation must not be corrected (nor must the Director be notified) immediately and there is no obligation to do so subsequently. Regardless of damage, the result stands...