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launched 25th Feb 2019

Come join us! Results

We play duplicate bridge pairs on Monday mornings 10h00 - 12h45 and hands are prepared randomly by computer before-hand. Record of the hands together with the results are sent to each participant by email afterwards.

We are charging a modest R30 fee per person. You can, if you wish, stay at the end for roughly 45 min and get a free lesson! On 20th May, the lesson will be on "Defending - Part 1"
Different topic each week.

Please report to the starter's desk 15 minutes earlier. It is a walk-in event and we can cater for any number of pairs. We score by computer real time. We also provide a lovely tea half-way!

For more info, Sid Ismail: 082-4119900
or call Andrea Bester: 082-5250000